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In Need of a Change


wear and repeat!

Cards Against Humanity + Deep Breath (x)

I love everything about this.  Seriously, her stance.  The way her left leg slants into her hip and her torso slants back out.  The hand on her hip.  The way she’s looking somewhere beneath the camera.

Not to mention she’s cute, that’s a super cute dress and she’s wearing a diaper XD


Candi In Her Crib

She’s gorgeous.  I was sad not to see more of her…


I dont mind ;-)

go for it

Never get tired of this



Yes you Can !

Yet another slut passes the ‘Coke Can Challenge’. Can you fit a coke can in your cunt? (It’s just another step on the path to being a proper slut). Why not impress your man with this trick?

Sweet Jesus! That shouldn’t be surprising, and yet… What must it feel like if it’s ice cold??

I felt like indulging my inner baby yesterday and bought this diaper bag at Walmart XD


7 months of hrt ^_^ lookin pretty cute if I do say so myself.

very pretty :) congrats!

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