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In Need of a Change

sexualdreamerz Asked:
what are the best kind of diapers you could get from Walmart?

My answer:

I honestly have no idea…I haven’t bought diapers in a retail store in over a decade.  The last time I did, Attends were still a thing and they were awesome.

The last time I was in Walmart I don’t recall seeing any adult diapers, actually.

Tumblr hive mind, what say you?


New Diapered Teen, Nikki Tries On Her Very First Diaper




My unicorn pj’s ^.^

you look so cute!



Adorable selfie is adorable.


Rainbow has heard the rumors about what a good lay Mr. Bear is, but she is disappointed when he just lays there as she grinds all over him. She decides Mr. Bear should be Ms. Bear and puts him into a petticoat. Considering it a big improvement, she cuddles up next to him, happy with his new wardrobe.

Rainbow is absolutely precious!!


I don’t normally reblog F/f but this one is so original I just had to.



And boys don’t leave us out.

Don’t forget the knee socks!!

Can we talk about how sexy the underside of a pair of heels is for a second?

There’s just something about them that does it for me, all the more so when a pretty woman is still wearing them.

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