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In Need of a Change

I finally caved and ordered two samples (six diapers) of the Dry 24/7 diapers I’ve been hearing so much about.  I ordered the sample from XP Medical because they offer samples of 3 of one size for $5.95.  Ordering directly from would get me a sample of one medium and one small.  For someone who has been recreationally wearing diapers as long as I have, it seemed silly that I should want a small.  Only in my wildest dreams do I fit into small adult diapers.

I was shocked to see how big they are when I pulled them out of the box.  They’re thick but they also rise quite high.  They’re really soft though.


I love the contour so far.  It feels like I’m wearing a diaper in all the right places.  There’s bulk between the legs and after wetting it feels like it can definitely hold quite a bit.


Tapes:  It set a bad tone for the relationship when I couldn’t get one of the tabs to stick.  If I can’t get the tapes to stick, I don’t feel secure.  If I don’t feel secure, I may as well wear panties, boxers, or nothing at all.

Loose fit:  I wish I could get the tapes to make the diaper fit more snugly than it does.  Sure I could probably fix that with plastic pants or something but I’ve yet to find a pair of plastic pants that I saw eye to eye with (i.e. didn’t rip on me).

I don’t necessarily feel that the diaper is going to slide right over my hips, but I’d like a stronger feeling of protection than I’m getting in the fit department.

Price:  At 118.95 per case of 72, they’re among the most expensive adult diapers I’ve seen on the market.  That price is from  You can get them in half-cases of 36 or packages of 18, but the lower the quantity you buy, the higher the cost per diaper.  They’re about 28 cents or so more expensive than Bambino diapers.

Discretion: I’m lying awake in bed at 3:27am so it’s not as if I can really test out their discretion factor in public.  However, due to their large size folded, I don’t think I could easily receive a case of 72 of these without raising some eyebrows from the fam.  Since the case of 72 is the only way these are remotely cost effective, I don’t think they’ll be the diaper for me.

In the end, leagues ahead of the Molicare Super Plus (I don’t think I’ll ever truly get over that disappointment) but I would prefer either Bambino or Abena X-Plus.

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